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Studienarbeit 7. Semester

Zusammenarbeit mit Chang Yunmiao, Huang Shiying

Ausgezeichnet durch den Comm Award Talent mit Bronze im Bereich Design

The project „Dyets“ deals with the topic of nutrition by color according to methods of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and puts this topic in the modern context of science and technology.


In the 5 elements teaching of TCM, each element is assigned several attributes. Thus, each element is associated with a color, a mood, a taste, a season, certain organs, etc. For holistic health, all elements should be in balance.


The principle of nutrition by color is made product-like in the chopsticks from „Dyets“. At the top end of the chopsticks are sliders that can be used to document the color portions of each meal.The chopsticks are connected to the app via Bluetooth and show the current recommended color via a small lamp at the top end.


In the app, the user can call up the daily color recommendation and useful knowledge about it, view calendar statistics and recommendations for specific symptoms, and expand their knowledge of the 5 elements teachings. Through a medical as well as personal profile, nutritional recommendations can be customized to mood, health condition, diseases and other individual needs. At the same time, the increase in knowledge promotes one‘s own body awareness and leads the user to an independent, healthy diet and can contribute to a mental as well as physical balance.